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    LW Loss-in-Weight Feeder

    Suitable for the measurement of small
    enough to meet 2Kg/h powder.


    Suitable for the measurement of particle materials with large flow,
     The discharging uses belt conveyor.
    The feeding device can be: Valve, belt, star feeder, etc.


    Product introduction:

    Weightlessness balance is a use of materials to reduce rate per unit time to calculate the quantitative feeding equipment of material flow, the static weighing, the dynamic control, is a kind of high precision measuring feeding control system.
    Weightlessness balance can be widely used in electric power, pharmacy, food, plastics, ceramics, chemical industry and building materials industries, as powder materials, measurement of particle material, block material and sheet materials or quantitative feeding equipment.

    Small enough to meet 2Kg/h flow
    Special liquid weight loss scale is provided
    Control accuracy: 0.1-0.5%
    No skin test, no calibration
    Working principle:
    If weighing warehouse within the material weight greater than or equal to the warehouse ceiling set value, the boot directly into the ingredients, if below the lower limit is equal to the set value, is open to weighing feeder fast feed bin, until weighing material to set highs within the warehouse to stop charging, discharge of the weighing warehouse is in a state of continuous work, in the storehouse of materials in the process of shrinking, instrument for PID control, the instantaneous flow and setting flow constantly close to, within the warehouse quickly when feeding, instrument according to the discharging of displacement control mode control and measurement. The two control modes are constantly changing periodically, so as to realize the continuous quantitative feeding of equipment.

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