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    ICS-GM/A/B Series Coal Feeder


    ICS - GM series coal feeder is coal industrial boiler continuous quantitative for special equipment, USES the barrel type pressure seal structure, can be push-pull type belt scale of measurement, high accuracy of double sensors, tail digital tachometer roller, with export plugging material and take the detection of break, as well as the belt running deviation detection and adjustment, cleaning of belt, chain scraper cleaning device, etc. You can observe hole observe by cleaning up machine running situation, adopt ac frequency conversion speed regulating mode control belt feeding, special control instrument a Chinese menu interface, multiple alarm indicator, can be remote controlled by DCS, accurate measurement, stable operation, maintenance is convenient.

    The ICS-GM/A is A common type, suitable for high dust - proof or low - pressure environment, such as coal mill feed.
    The ICS-GM/B type is pressure-resistant and is suitable for feedstock of vulcanized bed boiler.
    The manufacturing process and requirements of type A and type B are different and the configuration is different. Different configurations can be chosen according to the requirements of users.
    Main technical indicators:
    Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5% (physical flow is between 20% and 100% of rated conveyor)
    Rated conveyor: 1-200t/ h
    Belt width: 650,800,1000 mm
    Center distance of coal inlet and outlet: > 2200mm, it can make adaptive design according to user requirements
    Power supply: control instrument: ac 187V-242V, 50HZ±1HZ
    Coal feeder body: three-phase ac 323v-418v, power depends on the coal feeding capacity and length requirements.
    The coal feeder is made of high quality carbon steel with reliable sealing. The ICS-GM/B type can operate in an environment of 0.35Mpa


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