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    Urea Melting System

    Main features:
    1.This system USES vertical pump as the power of grouting and adjusts the opening of the valve according to the flow rate feedback from the flow meter. The main machine can monitor the important parameters of other equipments on the production line in real time.
    2.The melting tank is divided into the main tank and the secondary tank. There is a filter screen between the main tank and the secondary tank.
    3.Large heating area, short melting time, reduce the production of harmful substances.
    4.The melting tank design takes full account of the convenience of manual operation during stoppage and overhaul.
    5.The melting monitoring system shares the same host with the automatic batching system of raw materials, which not only saves costs but also makes it easy to operate.

    Main functions:
    Liquid level: liquid level monitoring in the urinal.
    Flow rate: water and urine flow measurement.
    Temperature: urine temperature monitoring.
    Pressure: vapor pressure monitoring.
    The ratio of solid urea to water is regulated.
    The ratio of urine output to solid mixture was adjusted.
    Adjust the amount of steam produced according to the urine temperature.
    Adjust pump speed (or valve opening) according to urine flow.
    Fixed value control of solid urea.
    Clean the pipe and urine in the tank during emergency parking.


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