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    Ball mill Electronic Sound
    Ball mill electronic sound monitoring system can moniter material loading in ball mill.
    1、 Improve production efficiency.
    2、 Reduced the electricity consumption of tons of materials.
    3、 The wear of the lining plate of ball mill is reduced.
    4、 Improved material evenness.
    5、 Determine the optimal loading amount and reasonable output/energy consumption ratio of ball mill.

    Electronic sound is used to detect the noise of ball mill. The noise level of ball mill varies according to the amount of material and ball mill. The electric ear consists of a highly sensitive microphone mounted near the ball mill chamber near the impact point of the ball. The sponge cover of the microphone is located between two rows of bolts, as close as possible to the casing of the grinder. The back 4-5cm is the microphone head, protected by a sponge layer covered with a thin network of plastic film. Therefore, the microphone embedded in the sponge layer is isolated from the interference noise in the factory area. The protection net prevents dust from entering because dust accumulation will affect the sensitivity of the electric ear.
    The electronic core of the ear consists of an adjustable level noise amplifier with a selection of the width and frequency range of the passband. Select the frequency range at the beginning of the adjustment so that the amplifier can send a large signal during normal operation. The signal can be measured by adjusting the amplifier level. The signal amplitude is displayed on the bar display.



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